Dai (DAI)

Type: Backed by Cryptocurrency
Blockchain: Ethereum
Current issue: 8 780 170 930 DAI
Exchange rate fluctuations: min $0.9 – max $1.22
Website: https://www.makerdao.com/
Let’s start with the highly sought-after stablecoin, which is in the top 30 by market capitalization of all existing cryptocurrencies. If issued by the decentralized organization MakerDAO.

This is the only fully backed stablecoin on our list, and there is one caveat to consider. ETH or ERC-20 tokens are used to provide DAI; thus, reliability depends on the quality of the provision. For example, at the moment, according to the Daistats website, 31% of the collateral is denominated in USDC stablecoins. And this is a centralized stablecoin.